Misionero Partners With ZAG Technical Services to Implement New Technological Investments; Justin Balas Discusses

Thu. December 2nd, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

GONZALES, CA - With industry advancements in sight, Misionero continues to employ new technologies to back its long-term ethical growing, processing, and harvesting practices, including investments in technology to support its business needs and increase its cyber protection. Teaming up with ZAG Technical Services, the supplier worked to optimize its operations by transitioning to a cloud-based approach, making it possible for the company to securely support remote work.

Justin Balas, Chief Financial Officer, Misionero“As the world shifted to more remote work, it was difficult for our team to access the resources they needed to do their jobs securely,” Justin Balas, Chief Financial Officer at Misionero told ZAG Technical Services’ Jenna Hardie in an exclusive interview. “The more challenges we identified, the more sense it made for us to look at a cloud-based environment.”

According to the article, ZAG Technical Services worked with Misionero to identify its goals and the technology that would be required to be implemented to meet them. A key focus was creating additional layers of protection for its systems to avoid cyberattacks.

“Investing in the kind of technology that protects Misionero from having our data lost due to an outage or breach allows our IT teams to focus [their] efforts on strategies for improving internal operational improvements,” Balas stated. “ZAG supporting our technology means we can establish more long-term goals for the company.”

Teaming up with ZAG Technical Services, Misionero has optimized its operations by transitioning to a cloud-based approach, making it possible for the company to securely support remote work

As remote work became more of a focus for the supplier, ZAG recommended the migration of Misionero’s systems to Microsoft Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to allow the company the flexibility to add more capacity to its storage capabilities and provide the infrastructure needed to support more remote work.

“Employees are getting a better user experience since the migration; the environment performs better and is more stable and administration is easier,” added Balas. “As we expand within the Azure ecosystem, we’re realizing the long-term benefits of the solution as we can better scale as we grow.”

To further explore Misionero’s partnership with ZAG and the innovative tactics used to overcome the vulnerabilities of technology, read the full article here.

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