Moxxy Announces Promotion of Christina Fuentes to East Coast Project Manager; Molly Briseño Comments

Wed. August 25th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

MIAMI, FL - It seems like only yesterday that we here at AndNowUKnow were reporting on Christina Fuentes' start at Moxxy Marketing as a Project Coordinator on the company's East Coast team, but already the tenacious marketer has worked her way up the ladder. The company recently announced that Fuentes has been promoted to East Coast Project Manager, where she will manage marketing projects for Southeastern clients and provide mentorship and training to those around her.

Christina Fuentes, East Coast Project Manager, Moxxy Marketing"I'm proud of what I've helped the agency and my clients accomplish during my first year at Moxxy and I'm looking forward to what's next as I grow in my career," said Fuentes. "It was a weird time to start a new job, right before the pandemic hit, but I'm grateful to have found Moxxy because our niche in fresh food has positioned us to remain strong and support our clients when they needed us the most. I love the fresh produce industry and all the different types of projects I've had the opportunity to work on."

Throughout her tenure with Moxxy, Fuentes has funneled her enthusiasm for the company into everything she does, taking deep interest in the fresh produce industry as she works to advance the marketer's industry clients. According to a release, everything from the company's WP Produce's Desbry brand Tropical Avocado retail merchandising display bins and 2-ct bags, which won a 2021 GDUSA Packaging Design Award, to Shuman Farms'Vidalia® onion ad campaign and Feeding America philanthropic display bin, inspires her to keep working hard and providing excellent service.

Moxxy Marketing has announced the recent promotion of Christina Fuentes to East Coast Project Manager

Fuentes explained that one of the aspects she finds most fascinating about the industry is the wide range of marketing services that support clients in the fresh produce space. From PR and packaging to recipe development and ad buying/media planning, she has helped manage all of it during her time at Moxxy.

Prior to joining the marketer, Fuentes worked at award-winning branding and marketing agencies in South Florida as a digital marketing manager. She has experience in both the food and cannabis industries, using her knowledge to help drive sales and branding for the company's clients.

Fuentes joined Moxxy Marketing in 2020 as a Project Coordinator for its East Coast team and as one of the first employees to be hired to its Miami team

Fuentes also loves food and appreciates that working in fresh produce has encouraged her to pay special attention to aspects such as sustainability, where food comes from, and the seasonality of all the various products that Moxxy's clients grow and ship. From Vidalia onions to Peruvian blueberries and Eastern cantaloupes, she loves sampling flavors from different growing regions and enjoys experimentation while cooking.

Molly Briseño, Vice President, Moxxy Marketing"We're so happy to promote Christina to Project Manager because of her sharp attention to detail, creative thinking, excellent project management skills, and the general amicable spirit she brings to Moxxy," said Vice President Molly Briseño. "She is organized, helpful, and knowledgeable—and best of all she's flexible—making her a strong Moxxer and a great marketing mind to support our clients."

Hailing from Florida and the first employee on the Moxxy Miami team, Fuentes enjoys promoting local ag production and supports the company's clients participating in the Fresh from Florida and Georgia Grown campaigns, as well as members of the Southeast Produce Council, Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Association, Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association, and regional farm bureaus.

Congratulations to Christina Fuentes on her exciting promotion!

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