Mucci Farms CFO Sharron Barnier Discusses Integral Partnership with Famous Software

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Fri. January 20th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

KINGSVILLE, ON – While my time in this industry is still quite fresh, I have noticed that the practices of each company are as diverse as the members, as everyone looks to push produce further into the spotlight. Famous Software looks to embrace that diversity by making itself not only a produce-focused solution, but as flexible and customizable as its partners need it to be.

One such party is longtime user Mucci Farms. The company CFO, Sharron Barnier, took the time to share with me why Famous Software was the choice for Mucci.

Sharron Barnier, CFO, Mucci Farms“I joined Mucci in 2002, so it was one of my first projects, and as I have grown so have they,” Sharron tells me, explaining that it was the fact that Famous was specific to the produce industry that convinced her to take the leap. “I took a trip to California, had asked them to do a demo for us and we’ve been with them ever since. They started out with a base product, and as they grew in the industry so did we.”

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But no matter how much Mucci has grown in the last 15 years or so, Sharron says that Famous has continued to offer everything it has needed and is always eager to accommodate.

“The best part about our partnership is that it is able to customize for us,” she explains. “Being just a produce software, Famous accommodates to the masses and we’re able to say ‘That’s great, we have a foundation now let's build on it,’ and shape it from there.”

Famous Software

Through the years Famous has both developed things for the general industry, like its mobility solution, that has helped Mucci along with others, as well as having developed key projects just for Mucci. The variety and flexibility, Sharron tells me, is what makes the company a one-stop-shop for software solutions.

“A great thing about growing with Famous is the understanding of our operations and our needs, and even things they don’t have they are willing to work with us on,” she continues. “You get to know who you’re working with, their personalities, their strengths, they are great at being both personable and professional. Heather, for example, I met back when she was just starting to become an integral part of the company and it was wonderful to see her promoted to President. It was very well deserved.”

Mucci Farms

So, when it comes to the ultimate question, “Why Famous,” Sharron’s answer comes right back to that diverse industry culture.

“What they do is get to know your business. Because I’ve worked with them for so long, they know how our company works. So when I come to them for support, they can customize their answer to fit my needs and our business. Their support desk is fantastic, always there to help you out no matter what and willing work with you right then and there for me and any of my team.”

What more could you look for in any solution?

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