Mucci Farms' Nick Williamson Discusses New Facility, Tomato Offerings, and More

Tue. July 17th, 2018
- by Kayla Webb     

HURON, OH - Mucci Farms is setting up shop on U.S. soil after beginning production in its new Huron, Ohio-based facility. With lots in the works to bring the very best tomato offerings to American consumers, I caught up with Nick Williamson, Sales and Marketing, to learn more about Mucci Farms’ latest endeavors.

Nick Williamson, Sales & Marketing, Mucci Farms“We have been predominantly a Canadian-grown company for many years. This year marks our U.S.A. introduction into U.S.A.-grown greenhouse product,” Nick tells me. “Very new for us to be able to have American-grown product offered to our American customers. The first phase of many phases to come in the future.”

The new greenhouse allows Mucci Farms to offer American-grown product to American customersNick explains that the new facility is in business 365 days a year and has a lit culture in all of its greenhouses in order to maintain the perfect environment for growing tomatoes year-round.

Cherto bite-sized tomatoes will be grown in Mucci Farm's new USA facility“We’re going to be doing tomatoes, tomato on the vine, and specialty tomatoes,” Nick says. “One of the tomatoes specifically is our Cherto tomato. It’s a specific cherry tomato on the vine, which is bite-size and incredible.”

For all the details on Mucci Farms and its new facility, watch our video exclusive above. And for the latest happening in fresh fruit and vegetables, stay up-to-date with AndNowUKnow.

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