Mushroom Council Launches Ad Campaign for Burger Remixes

Mon. March 16th, 2020
- by Kayla Webb     

REDWOOD SHORES, CA - Are you the type to put on some headphones and groove in a silent disco? Well, even if you aren’t, The Mushroom Council® has a new ad campaign that will get you on your feet. This spring, the association will use two turntables and a bunch of mushrooms to encourage home cooks to blend mushrooms with meat for their next burger.

Bart Minor, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mushroom Council“When it comes to The Blend™, our strategy to prioritize foodservice has been a success, as blended burgers are now fixtures on menus nationwide. This year, we’ve reached the point in our long-term strategy where we will shift our focus to direct-to-consumer marketing,” said Bart Minor, President. “We wanted to kick it off with a bold, disruptive, and targeted approach to earn consumer awareness and adoption.”

The new “Remix Your Recipe” consumer ad campaign features YouTube ads with animated DJ turntables spinning burgers on the platters. Over pulsating electronic dance music (EDM), vocals declare “Ju-ju-ju-ju-just add ’shrooms!” as criminis cascade down the screen. The ad closes with a call to action to visit the Mushroom Council’s site, where a new campaign webpage guides followers to blended recipes and additional information.

“Whether it’s rock, R&B, country, or pop, when a DJ remixes a tune, they make a song that’s already great even better, which is a great analogy for when a home cook blends meat with mushrooms,” Minor added. “We are eager to bring the benefits of The Blend to consumers with a fresh look.”

According to a press release, the Remix Your Recipe video ad airs through YouTube pre-roll, strategically targeting flexitarian consumers. Variations of the creative campaign will also run as animated banner ads on targeted websites and sponsored posts on social channels.

Let’s get groovin’, my fellow fresh advocates! Stay tuned in to ANUK as we bring you the hottest news in town.

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