Mushrooms Inc. Forms New Business Development Team; Kimberly Zawi Carlson Comments

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Thu. August 24th, 2023 - by Peggy Packer

ESTERO, FL - A team of experts has been formed under the roof of Mushrooms Inc. as the company seeks to optimize its new technology and the development of its innovation lab. With the announcement of its newly formed Business Development Team, the organization is ushering in a new era of growth guided by a team of accomplished industry professionals.

Dr Reid Jilek, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Hemp BioScienceFirst up on this impressive roster is Dr. Reid Jilek, whose inclusion reflects Mushrooms Inc.'s commitment to synergizing academic prowess with industry innovation, a press release explained. Jilek is decorated with advanced degrees in medical, life sciences, and engineering, and has published extensively in national and international scientific journals.

Alicia M. Fantozzi, Principal, ReGen, Advanced Regenerative TechnologiesAlicia M. Fantozzi brings over 20 years of international corporate and structured finance experience to the newly created team. Fantozzi brings extensive experience that allows her to lead the internal team's efforts to expand Mushrooms Inc.'s market presence and revenue streams.

Dr. Hyder Khoja, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Transcendent Life SciencesAnother key leader on the team, Dr. Hyder Khoja, brings over two decades of expertise spanning drug discovery, developmental science, and policy innovation. One of his primary commitments is to the resurrection of coma patients using psilocybin—adding a transformative dimension to Mushrooms Inc.'s initiatives in the psychedelic space.

David Flores, Chief Executive Officer, PSYC CorporationChief Executive Officer David Flores of PSYC Corporation, which owns and operates Psychedelic Spotlight, is also bolstering the team with his leadership. As the company noted, his marketing expertise and industry knowledge is integral to the company as it evolves, and his in-depth experience in the psychedelic landscape perfectly aligns with Mushrooms Inc.'s aspirations for developing multiple facets of the Mushroom sector.

Kimberly Zawi Carlson, Chief Executive Officer, Mushrooms Inc."We are delighted to introduce our exceptional Business Development Team," said Kimberly Zawi Carlson, Chief Executive Officer of Mushrooms Inc. "I've had the privilege of collaborating with these amazing individuals over the past months and I feel that they will collectively bring to Mushrooms Inc. what is needed to step forward. I'm honored to announce a formal collaboration with these remarkable and versatile professionals. This strategic step is a direct response to the increasing interest surrounding our patent-pending technology and the forthcoming revenue-generating innovation lab. Alicia Fantozzi, Dr. Reid Jilek, David Flores, and Dr. Hyder Khoja each possess a distinctive skill set that will play a pivotal role in steering our company's growth trajectory. Their combined expertise will propel us forward and better address the investor interest and potential collaborations as we navigate the exciting opportunities ahead."

Mushrooms Inc. is ushering in an era of growth with the announcement of its newly formed Business Development Team

For more information on each of these leaders, as well as comments from Mushrooms Inc.'s Board Director Donald Steinberg, click here.

Stay tuned as we report on the impact of this dynamic team.

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