Nash Produce's Thomas Webb Talks Rebrand With DMA Solutions and Specialty Sweet Potato Varieties

Thu. March 23rd, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura

ORLANDO, FL – Nash Produce is stepping beyond the staple Covington and offering a slate of specialty varieties to sweet potato lovers this season. We had an opportunity to visit with Sales Associate Thomas Webb at SEPC’s Southern Exposure, and he filled us in on these unique offerings—and the company's latest partnership, a rebranding effort with DMA Solutions.

Thomas Webb, Sales Associate, Nash Produce

“We actually have some specialty varieties other than the Covingtons—which is your basic sweet potato,” says Thomas. “We have the Murasaki—on the outside you’ll see a purple skin with a white flesh. And we also do a Bonita, which is white-on-white—white skin, white flesh.”

Thomas describes the way in which the two varieties are on the opposite ends of the sweet potato’s taste spectrum—with the Murasaki’s savory taste contrasting against the exceptionally sweet Bonita. Both varieties are available in ample supply, in a variety of formats under the Mr. Yam’s brand—from single-serve, to traditional bagged and steamable pouch bag options.

“The Bonitas yielded really well this year, so we’d like to see a little bit more of an increase in demand, as well,” Thomas notes, adding that both the Bonita and Murasaki “have been really good varieties for us.”

Additionally, Thomas tells us, the company is currently working on a rebranding initiative with DMA Solutions aimed to further entice consumers.

“We're very excited about our new partnership with DMA Solutions,” adds Thomas. “They’re going to help us out with the rebranding of some of our products—and the entire company—freshen it up a bit!”

To learn more, check out the short video above, and stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for more on these and other offerings in the produce industry.

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