Nature Fresh Farms® Spencer Lightfoot Talks New Sweet Snaps Variety

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Tue. November 7th, 2023 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - Nature Fresh Farms® is bringing a new innovation to the pepper category, and we recently got to see it up close and personal. In an exclusive video interview with Spencer Lightfoot, Key Account Manager, we learned about all that Sweet Snaps peppers have to offer.

Spencer Lightfoot, Key Account Manager, Nature Fresh Farms®“We’re very excited to launch a new pepper variety that we think is going to elevate the pepper category,” he began telling us. “This pepper variety has been under development for six years. It comes in different colors [and] has a light and refreshing crispiness to it that can only be compared to a Granny Smith Apple.”

Emblazoned across the front of the colorful packaging in big, bold letters is the word “sweet.” As Spencer explained, the goal of this was to invite the consumer to pick up the package and recognize its sweet quality right off the bat.

Nature Fresh Farms® is introducing the new Sweet Snaps pepper variety, which has been under development for six years

“Nature Fresh’s research and market insights show us that there is enormous room for growth for the pepper category. We believe that it is set to grow based on trends that we’re seeing across the world, and it can be an untapped market in North America,” Spencer concluded.

Eager to see this new variety for yourself? Check out our exclusive video above for a sneak peek. And keep reading ANUK for the latest and greatest.

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