Nature Fresh Farms Works With BMO to Make Banking Accessible to Employees

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Tue. May 26th, 2020 - by Lilian Diep

LEAMINGTON, ON - In this industry, innovation is ripe for the picking, and Nature Fresh Farms recently rolled out its latest innovation aimed at bolstering its workforce. To make banking more accessible for its employees, the company is partnering with BMO to provide on-site ATMs so that its workforce can access cash or complete simple, every-day banking transactions.

John Ketler, Vice President, Nature Fresh Farms“Throughout this pandemic, we have been looking for ways to make things more convenient for our workers—to give them the option to avoid travel to town for necessities,” shared Vice President of Nature Fresh, John Ketler. “This has included bringing vendors on-site, some of whom, due to the rapid onset of restrictions, are not set up for debit transactions. We are providing a means for our employees to support these vendors.”

With current social distancing and business restrictions still in place, individuals are primarily leaving their residences for essential errands only. Nature Fresh Farms’ collaboration with BMO allows employees access to an on-site ATM at its farm location, helping to reduce or eliminate employees’ essential trips to the bank.

To make banking more accessible for its employees, Nature Fresh Farms is partnering with BMO to bring them on-site access to an ATM

According to a press release, the new ATM has been very well received, with employees happy to have a more convenient means of completing financial transactions.

The installation of an ATM is just one of many measures taken by the company to make essential services more accessible to its employees and minimize any additional risks from off-site traveling. In addition, it has made groceries and prepared food easily accessible by bringing approved vendors on-site and allowing representatives from financial institutions to come to the facilities to help workers complete money transfers home.

Roy Dias, Head of Specialized Industries, BMO Bank of Montreal“Agriculture is a vital part of the Canadian economy, and part of our purpose as an organization is to drive positive change,” said Roy Dias, Head of Specialized Industries, BMO Bank of Montreal. “We saw an opportunity to help Nature Fresh Farms bring everyday banking services to its team members—helping both its employees and the community. We will always look for ways to help as we navigate this environment together.”

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