Ocean Mist® Farms and TMD Creative Receive Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for Italian-Themed Campaign; Diana McClean, Nick Pasculli, and Lindsey Wrenn Comment

Tue. January 4th, 2022 - by Chandler James

SALINAS, CA - Holding Ocean Mist® Farms’ beautiful artichokes up to the light for all to see, a recent Italian-themed campaign has won a prestigious award. The Buon appetito campaign was created in partnership with TMD Creative and was recognized with the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award.

Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist® Farms“The TMD Creative team provides creative insight and sound strategies to build brand visibility and engagement through unique messaging campaigns,” stated Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing for Ocean Mist Farms.

Giving a nod to the company’s Italian heritage, the campaign highlights Ocean Mist’s dedication to growing a gold standard artichoke. Almost a century after the grower’s family farming roots took hold, Ocean Mist is still known for its high-quality artichokes, growing both organic and conventional varieties for consumers across North America.

Ocean Mist® Farms’ Buon appetito campaign, created in partnership with TMD Creative, was recognized with the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award

According to a press release, the TMD Creative team took inspiration from current color trends in fashion and design, paying respect to Italy’s strong sense of style. The Italian phrase “Buon appetito” invites viewers into a yellow table scene and highlights fresh artichokes and vibrant lemons, a traditional flavor pairing in Italian cooking.

Nick Pasculli, President and Chief Executive Officer, TMD CreativeAn eye-catching campaign with a memorable message is what drives successful results,” said Nick Pasculli, President and Chief Executive Officer of TMD Creative. “We are honored to work with such a well-respected brand and bring attention to Ocean Mist Farms’ rich farming history in Monterey County.”

You may even recognize this cheery campaign, as the advertisement was featured in your very own AndNowUKnow. The TMD team notes that they look forward to bringing home more positive results for their clients and partners in 2022.

Lindsey Wrenn, Senior Designer, TMD Creative“Part of the design process was pouring through old photographs, articles, and labels to gain a rich understanding of Ocean Mist Farms’ history. The vintage label was carefully chosen for its dreamy Central Coast landscape,” says Lindsey Wrenn, Senior Designer for TMD Creative. “Every element in the composition serves a purpose in sharing this story.”

Congratulations to Ocean Mist Farms and TMD Creative on a successful campaign!

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