Ocean Mist Farms Enjoying Strong Buildup to Thanksgiving Season

Thu. October 30th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

CASTROVILLE, CA - With the Thanksgiving season rapidly approaching, Ocean Mist Farms is preparing for its busiest time of year. The company is a leading grower of California celery as well as a variety of other key Thanksgiving categories and Kori Tuggle, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Ocean Mist Farms, shared with me the steps the grower is taking to be ready for the holiday.

Kori Tuggle

“The Thanksgiving Pull is our busiest time of year at Ocean Mist Farms,” Kori said. “With celery for example, we'll typically see our retail orders go from pallet quantities to straight truck loads when the season is in full swing!”

Fortunately, Ocean Mist is in a prime position to capitalize on this demand boom, thanks to a strong celery crop which is already looking to outpace last year's numbers. Art Barrientos, Vice President of Harvesting, explained that he expects volume to carry through to mid to late November, meaning an uninterrupted supply of high quality Ocean Mist celery for Thanksgiving festivities.

Art Barrientos, Vice President of Harvesting“As an industry, we have been gifted with an exceptional celery crop this year,” Art shared. “Ocean Mist Farms has been no exception to this trend. Our retail partners and loyal consumers can rest assured that come Thanksgiving time, Ocean Mist will be ready to meet demand with a premium celery crop which is sure to delight.”

As the industry moves closer to the Thanksgiving Holiday Pull, many in the industry are looking forward to rising prices in response to growing seasonal demand. This could mean a very strong season for Ocean Mist.

This is not to suggest, however, that celery is all Ocean Mist has in store for this fall. The grower has a comprehensive Thanksgiving rollout prepared, one built to complement the full range of Ocean Mist products ready for the season.

For example, this will be the first holiday season in which Ocean Mist will be able to offer its full extended Season & Steam Brussels sprout product line. Headlined by the popular Quick Cook (Halved) Brussels Sprouts, SuperShreds Brussels Sprouts and Microwavable Whole Brussels sprouts, this line has already gained significant national market share since the new products' debut in January.

“We also take advantage of the seasonal demand by catering to consumers searching online for recipes and Thanksgiving menu inspiration,” Kori elaborated. “Ocean Mist's Holiday Digital Cook bookHoliday recipes, and Short cooking videos help us show consumers the best ways to incorporate fresh produce into their Thanksgiving plans, for a healthy, fun meal everyone will love.”

If you'd like to learn more about this produce leader, I reccomend checking out this great video celebrating Ocean Mist's history and honoring its 90th anniversary in the industry:

Congratulations on a great start to the Thanksgiving season, Ocean Mist Farms!

Ocean Mist Farms