Ocean Mist Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joe Feldman Talks Kalettes

Fri. September 18th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MONTEREY, CA - Ocean Mist was showcasing a number of products while visiting the PMA Foodservice show, but the standouts were its organic line and superfood brainchild Kalettes™.

Ocean Mist Farms

Joe Feldman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Ocean Mist, took the time to discuss the company’s moves to keep trendy with these consumer-demanded items.

“With Ocean Mist Organic, we started with 15 products,” Joe tells me, including the company's signature artichokes.

Another item being showcased was Ocean Mist’s largest increase in staying relevant, Brussels sprouts.

Ocean Mist Farms

On the note of Brussels sprouts and relevant trends, Joe said, is produce buzz Kalettes. “A cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, which are both super foods and both on trend within user and consumer demand.”

To see our full interview with Joe, watch the short video above.

Ocean Mist