Okanagan Specialty Fruits® Forms Partnership With Flavor Wave to Deliver Arctic® Apples; Neal Carter and Don Westcott Discuss

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Mon. September 20th, 2021 - by Chandler James

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Outside of the convenience factor, having all your groceries delivered to your front door brings a sense of satisfaction all its own. Perhaps this is the driving force behind the explosive growth of subscription services. Either way, Flavor Wave is no stranger to the movement. Teaming up with Okanagan Specialty Fruits® (OSF), the two are upping visibility for OSF’s sliced Arctic apple varieties by distributing them within Los Angeles, California-delivered Flavor Wave boxes.

Neal Carter, President and Founder, Okanagan Specialty Fruits®“One of the main reasons I developed Arctic apples was to help boost apple consumption,” states Neal Carter, President and Founder of OSF. “It’s easy to get on board with a program that promotes fruit and vegetable consumption and makes eating healthy as easy as possible. As an orchardist myself, I love the idea and convenience of having a mini farmers market delivered to your doorstep.”

Flavor Wave’s fresh produce box delivery is available in three options: a fruit box, a veggie box, or a mixed box, with servings for up to five people for a week, a press release explained. Variety in the boxes will fluctuate, offering the freshest in-season produce such as OSF’s Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny varieties, which will be included in both the fruit and mixed boxes.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits® has teamed up with Flavor Wave to boost visibility for its sliced Arctic apple varieties, which will be delivered across Los Angeles, California, in Flavor Wave produce boxes

Arctic apples will also be promoting a contest to celebrate their launch into Flavor Wave produce boxes. Flavor Wave subscribers will be able to scan a QR code on their box and be entered to win an Arctic apple charcuterie-themed prize pack. Sign me up!

Don Westcott, Vice President of Operations, Sales, and Marketing, Okanagan Specialty Fruits®“Arctic apple slices are all about convenience, freshness, and flavor, so joining Flavor Wave is a natural fit,” explains Don Westcott, Vice President of Operations, Sales, and Marketing for OSF. “We’re excited for LA families to experience the convenience that comes with having pre-sliced apples ready to snack on or as an easy addition to your dinner salad. When Flavor Wave customers crunch into an Arctic apple slice for the first time, they are going to experience a wave of freshly-picked flavor.”

With subscriptions and deliveries continuing to fill a niche consumer desire, who else might be eyeing a fresh produce partnership in this channel? Stay tuned as we report.

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