Onions 52's Bob Meek Discusses Rebrand, Tearless Sunions Sweet Onions, and More

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Tue. January 23rd, 2018
- by Robert Schaulis     

SYRACUSE, UT - Onions 52 had a whirlwind 2017, launching a company-wide rebrand in the last few months of the year that saw a new look, a new name, and so much more. Prepped with a brand that had retailers buzzing well through the end of 2017, the company is setting out in the New Year with a new product: Sunions tearless sweet onions.

I spoke with Bob Meek, Onions 52’s CEO, to find out additional details on the change from the Utah Onions name, as well as Sunions—a sweet storage onion that makes over-pungency a thing of the past.

Bob Meek, Chief Executive Officer, Onions 52“At Utah Onions, we literally outgrew our name, and decided it is time to represent who we truly are,” Bob explains, noting that the company had expanded to not just work with onions out of the state that was its former namesake. “We do onions 52 weeks a year…from Washington, from Oregon, from Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and many places in Mexico.”

And on the new Sunions brand onion that has had the industry watching so closely, Bob expects the tearless variety to take the category by storm.

Sunions Tearless Onions

“It is a truly tearless [onion]—the first of its kind—that kind be eaten or chopped and never shed a tear,” Bob continues. “We’re highlighting it, we’re excited for it, and have had very good interest in this product.”

For more, see our complete video interview with Bob above. And for further video news on new and innovative products in produce, keep watching AndNowUKnow.

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