Opal® Apples Launches Apple Giveaway for its Youth Make a Difference Initiative

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Fri. December 12th, 2014 - by Christofer Oberst

YAKIMA, WA - Over 6,000 Opal apples were given away earlier this month in New York as part of Giving Tuesday – a global day dedicated to giving back.

Keith Mathews, CEO, FirstFruits Marketing“After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a great counterpoint to focus on others,” said Keith Mathews, CEO of FirstFruits Marketing, exclusive distributor of Opal apples. “Giving is a core value of Opal so this event was a great way to give to others and also introduce them to this sweet, crispy apple variety and its purpose.”

Opal brand ambassadors gave away 5,000 bright yellow Opal apples from a life-sized constructed Opal tree and Opal backpacks in midtown Manhattan to raise awareness for the Opal Youth Make a Difference Initiative. In addition, 1,000 Opal apples were donated to the Sienna House, a family shelter in the Bronx, where they were distributed that week, according to a press release.

Opal Apples

Through its Youth Make a Difference Initiative, Opal funds youth-based initiatives serving communities in the U.S. where youth (ages 6-25) take leadership roles in the project. The initiatives must address food security and politics, nutrition, agriculture, or education. Last season, the grants amount to $75,000 with more funding anticipated for the current season.

Opal Apples

Opal brand ambassadors will continue to make appearances at events in Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Opal Apples

Youth Make a Difference