Paramount Citrus Launches Wonderful Halos

Mon. June 10th, 2013 - by Whit Grebitus

<p><img src="" alt="Cropped Images June 10th 2013" /></p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p>Paramount Citrus has announced plans to launch Wonderful Halos, a new premium California mandarin brand, and end its relationship with Sun Pacific with which it sold mandarins under the Cuties brand. </p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p>Wonderful Halos will be sold with a partnership with Fresno-based Fowler Packing. Together, the two companies will oversee all facets of the production, sales and marketing for 65 percent of the country’s California mandarin crop.</p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p>Over the next five years, the company plans to spend $100 million marketing campaign to highlight the “pure goodness” and unique taste of the sweet, seedless, easy peel fruit. The launch will include television, print, online, trade and outdoor advertising, free standing inserts, point-of-sale displays, retailer promotions, consumer events and public relations activities. </p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p>The offering joins the Wonderful Brands portfolio and will be available in summer as the California mandarin season kicks off. They will be sold in 3- and 5-pound bags and 5-pound boxes.</p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p>On the retail side, Halos will combine Paramount Citrus’s industry leadership with Wonderful Brands’ strong sales force. Wonderful Brands’ 200,000 produce displays are serviced by the largest internal sales and merchandising staff of any American produce company.</p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p> “Over the past few years, moms have really fallen in love with this fruit,” said David Krause, president, Paramount Citrus. “For children, it’s a healthy alternative to fatty foods like chips and cookies. Kids love the taste, and the small size and the easy ‘peel-ability’ make this different from other fruits. Halos are fun to peel and sweet to eat. This is a perfect snack for parents and their little angels.”<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">Both Paramount Citrus and Wonderful Brands are part of the Roll Global family of companies.<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">“It was the Roll Global marketing team that transformed mandarins from a seasonal commodity into one of America’s most popular produce brands,” Krause said. “Our plan for Halos is no less ambitious. We will continue to be the market leader as we commit significant resources to turn Halos into a household name.”</p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p><a class="btn btn-sm btn-primary col-lg-12" style="white-space: normal;" href="" target="_new">Paramount Citrus</a></p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">