Peri & Sons Farms' Cindy Elrod Discusses Tight Onion Market and Production

Fri. February 3rd, 2017 - by Laura Hillen

YERINGTON, NV – As western regions calibrate from severe winter weather, companies throughout the industry are working through snow and ice to continue to supply the buy-side sectors with ample product. With structural and transportation difficulties, these occurrences have made for a tight market in the onion category.

Cindy Elrod, Sales & New Business Specialist at Peri & Sons Farms, took a moment to give me a few insights on the weather-based happenings within the industry at large, and for the company itself.

Cindy Elrod, Sales & New Business Specialist, Peri & Sons Farms“At our facilities, we’ve experienced quite a bit of rain and some snow, but no actual damage. Our packing sheds continued to run through the storms, and production remained operational,” Cindy tells me. 

As far as the company has heard, some packaging facilities throughout the industry dealt with various levels of collapse, with their packers subsequently adjusting. Cindy says that some storage facilities were impacted as well, causing a loss of product in the industry. 

“Pricing moved higher last week, with this week starting off at higher levels as well. The market is tight due to production limitations, and customers that are trying to shift their orders to other regions,” Cindy continues. “In the long run, the higher prices on yellows will likely not last.”

As a result of this winter weather, Peri & Sons’ California crops are a couple of weeks behind schedule. However, the company is finding good news in the weather as all the rain has helped dampen the drought and provide sufficient water for the upcoming season. 

“Once the land dries out, our plan is to double-down on efficiency and fully prep the fields for the upcoming season,” Cindy finishes. 

With winter not yet over, count on AndNowUKnow to keep a finger to the pulse of crop conditions for a current read on the market.

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