Pete's Corrie Hutchens Discusses Upcoming Southern Exposure Exhibition

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Tue. February 22nd, 2022 - by Chandler James

CARPINTERIA, CA - What would a produce trade show be without fresh lettuce? The category is an industry all-star, bringing attendees from foodservice to retail directly to exhibiting booths. Pete’s lineup of unique lettuces will be on display at the Southeast Produce Council’s upcoming Southern Exposure, so I tapped Corrie Hutchens, Head of Marketing, to hear what’s in store.

Corrie Hutchens, Head of Marketing, Pete's“We will be showcasing our new line of Greenhouse Fresh products from our new Byron, Georgia, facility, which will officially be open and running this spring,” Corrie told me. “We have four consumer-approved varieties including Benevolent Butter, Hydro Spring Mix, Romaine Crisp, and Nice & Crunchy.”

Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh line is a champion of sustainability, from being entirely pesticide-free and hydroponically grown to the fact that its containers use 35 percent less plastic versus those with rigid plastic closures. Pete’s has also partnered with 1% For The Planet, pledging one percent of Greenhouse Fresh sales toward improving the recycling system.

Pete’s new line of Greenhouse Fresh products will be on display at the Southeast Produce Council’s upcoming Southern Exposure

The new Georgia facility will allow Pete’s to harvest and deliver the same day or next day to most customers in the Southeast. With freight being so high and most product currently being hauled across the country, the supplier has made a commitment to deliver the freshest product, while eliminating some transit times/days and passing on the freight savings to our customers.

“One of our main goals is to make sure everyone knows Pete’s is now growing in the state of Georgia and we have fresh, sustainability grown greens to supply to local stores,” said Corrie. “A key takeaway we hope attendees walk away with is the fact that not all CEA companies and brands are created equal. Pete’s has been in the hydroponic growing business longer than most, and this experience and tenure is reflected in the quality of the products that we grow.”

With a new facility in Byron, Georgia, which will officially be open and running this spring, Pete's will be able to harvest and deliver its products the same day or next day to most customers in the Southeast

Corrie relayed that Southern Exposure is a great show to discover what is new in the industry both from a new products perspective as well as innovation in technology. Pete’s also finds the educational sessions to be extremely informative and beneficial to its business, especially when it comes to topics around CEA and sustainability.

“We are looking forward to an exciting show and being able to connect, network, and make new contacts as well as visit with our partners and customers in the Southeast,” Corrie continued. “Pete’s is excited to be part of the Southeast, and we are committed to only deliver the best quality product in the region.”

Be sure to swing by booth #1106 to see for yourself how Pete’s is shaking up the salad sector. As produce champions from buy to supply flock to the Southeast for this highly anticipated show, AndNowUKnow will be here bringing you the latest event updates.