Pratt Industries Addresses the Needs of Peach, Mexican Lime, Tomato, Vegetable, and Vidalia Onion Growers

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Wed. August 14th, 2019 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

CONYERS, GA - As one of the global leaders in corrugated fresh produce packaging, Pratt Industries knows that being able to provide and maintain value throughout the entire supply chain is a win-win for all parties involved. As we move through the thick of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and into the fall, the company is addressing the needs of suppliers from East and West Coast peaches and Mexican limes to tomatoes, vegetable commodities, Vidalia onions, and more.

Greg Smith, Business Development Manager, Agricultural Packaging, Pratt Industries“We look to find cost savings for customers through board (box) optimization and re-designs. Sometimes this is as simple as moving our customer to a different box or modifying the customers’ existing container to see if we can remove any excess material without affecting its performance,” Greg Smith, Business Development Manager of Agricultural Packaging, shares with me. “Pratt is heavily focused on being a sustainable packaging supplier. At our customers’ request, we can provide them with a sustainability scorecard to help quantify their sustainability efforts as it pertains to their packaging. This is something more and more retailers are asking for.”

For all of these summer and fall categories, Pratt is also increasing its customers’ packing shed efficiencies and, as a result, reducing their costs through mechanical packaging automation. Pratt’s machine program has had a major impact on customers’ bottom lines and overall efficiency as well.

Pratt Industries is heavily focused on being a sustainable packaging supplier

“Speed to market is huge for us and for our customers” Greg says, adding that Pratt’s warehouses are strategically placed which allows the team to provide same-day delivery of packaging in most cases. “Keeping our warehouses stocked with customers’ boxes, gives us the advantage of being able to respond quickly to growers’ demands that stem from market shifts and retailer promotions. From a design and marketing standpoint, we have the ability to provide our customers with a box that is as visually striking as they could want, should they need it, and we’re very proud of that. Our high-end graphics capabilities are a result of the significant investment we’ve made in state-of-the-art equipment.”

When I ask Greg how will Pratt help suppliers to elevate their go-to-market dynamics on high-demand categories, he notes that one of the most valuable things the company does for its customers is a full-scale packaging audit, from design to graphics to structural optimization, and more.

Pratt Industries has the ability to provide its customers with a box that is as visually striking as it is innovative

“We are always working hand-in-hand with the growers to meet the unique needs of the retailer. Usually, that involves designing new containers or modifying existing containers, which is something our team is very good at,” Greg adds.

For packaging options, Pratt really likes the strength and protection of the bliss-style box which is something Pratt moved its customers into over the last several years. But, the company offers any style a customer might want. Pratt has helped growers automate their packaging and has found ways to remove staples from certain cartons.

“Again, we’ll strategically warehouse certain boxes for our customers which gives them quick access to boxes where our competitors might only make regularly scheduled shipments and struggle to keep box supply flowing during high volume months,” Greg tells me. “We also have high-graphic print capabilities that allow us to print on things like lids and re-pack boxes.”

While it’s what’s on the inside that counts—why not make the outside count as well if you have the opportunity to achieve it. Keep checking back with AndNowUKnow for more inside and outside the box stories!

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