President Miguel A. Suarez Visits Mas Melons' Mexican Honeydew Fields

Fri. October 28th, 2016
- by Jordan Okumura     

MEXICO - Want an update on the Mexican cantaloupe and watermelon season in just 60 seconds? In this short new video from Mas Melons and Grapes, President Miguel A. Suarez takes us on a tour of the company’s operations in Caborca and Hermosillo, and shows an inside look from field to facility.

Miguel "Miky" Suarez, President, Mas Melons & Grapes“Honeydews are off to a great start this season,” the video’s narrator says as Miguel inspects the Caborca melons firsthand. “Crops are looking very healthy this season—no damage from the nearby hurricane in early September.”

After a quick look at the company’s sorting facility, the viewer is then whisked away to Hermosillo, where Miguel is ready to check out the company’s watermelon operation, just planted in the first week of October.

What else did Miguel have to show us as we look towards this winter season and beyond? Watch Mas Melon’s 60 second video above for even more details on the company’s latest happenings.

Mas Melons and Grapes