Prima Wawona Announces Raisin City Redevelopment Project; Eric Beringause and Mark Murai Comment

Fri. February 4th, 2022 - by Chandler James

CUTLER, CA - I am an absolute stonefruit enthusiast. The category offers continuous excitement not just from a consumer standpoint, but from a trade member’s perspective as well. That is why I was delighted to hear of Prima Wawona’s latest expansion initiative. The company has transformed 2,100 acres of almond trees into stonefruit trees as part of its Raisin City redevelopment.

Eric Beringause, Chief Executive Officer, Prima Wawona“With this grand-scale redevelopment project, Prima Wawona becomes the largest stonefruit grower in the World but also the most sustainable stonefruit company. We are the sole stonefruit grower that is fully integrated with our own proprietary genetics and breeding programs. Our irrigation management systems are state-of-the-art and second to none, enabling us to grow big, juicy, delicious stonefruit while minimizing water and chemical usage. Prima Wawona continues to expand our commitment to organic farming with new acreage devoted to organics every season. The future looks very bright!” said Chief Executive Officer, Eric Beringause.

The redevelopment project is a strategic growth play as the company looks to maintain its position as a leader in the category. In addition to expanded capacity, the project will bring more local jobs and a significant increase in employment for the Fresno County area.

Prima Wawona announced that it has transformed 2,100 acres of almond trees into stonefruit trees as part of its Raisin City redevelopment project

For this project, Prima Wawona will implement new sustainable agriculture practices, including 32 water wells powered by a 5-acre solar farm. Using the most modern irrigation technology, water savings of 30–40 percent per acre will be achieved, according to a press release. Prima Wawona will also utilize advanced organic farming techniques and food safety practices to provide exceptional tree fruit.

Mark Murai, Chief Agricultural Officer, Prima Wawona“This planting represents a significant commitment to our employees, customers, and consumers. We have carefully selected varieties that will complement our current portfolio of varieties, building more consistent supply and eating experience. We’re excited to dedicate significant acreage to our breeding program’s newest cultivars,” added Mark Murai, Chief Agricultural Officer.

Take it from this stonefruit lover: more news from the exciting category is on the way, so don’t go anywhere.

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