Pure Flavor's Chris Veillon Discusses Revamped Brand Identity

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Thu. March 15th, 2018 - by Robert Schaulis

LEAMINGTON, ON – Pure Flavor® has been a big name in our industry for years, and the greenhouse grower’s recent rebranding effort is extending that notoriety to the general public, helping shoppers better recognize the high-quality produce Pure Flavor produces, and driving sales in produce departments.

I recently spoke with Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer, at SEPC’s Southern Exposure to learn more about the company’s new packaging, promotions, initiatives, and expansions.

“We’ve worked for the last six months developing a packaging strategy that will differentiate us on store shelves, and also connect us with consumers,” Chris noted. “The way the packaging has been designed, there are core brand elements in each one—everything from color right down to font style.”

Pure Flavor's recently-rebranded products on display at SEPC's Southern Exposure

The newly-rebranded line will be completed this Spring, Chris told me, along with a complete overhaul of sales materials, social media channels, and a new website.

Additionally, the company is making headway on its recently-announced expansion into Georgia—with its first phase to be completed in time for PMA Fresh Summit 2018.

Construction efforts underway on Pure Flavor's Georgia facility

“We broke ground on a 75-acre facility in Fort Valley, Georgia, which will grow tomatoes and cucumbers,” Chris said. “25 acres will be completed by October of this year, with a total of 75 being done over the next 12 years.”

For more, watch our video interview in its entirety above.

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