PureFresh Sales's Bill Purewal Discusses Upcoming Stonefruit Season

Mon. March 16th, 2020
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

TAMPA, FL - As we prepare for the beginning of California stonefruit season, it’s all about having the best information. Luckily for us, PureFresh Sales’ Owner and Sales Manager Bill Purewal walked us through the ins and outs, noting what to expect for cherries and other premium stonefruit categories.

Bill Purewal, Owner and Sales Manager, PureFresh Sales“We're going to start California cherries probably in the beginning of May,” Bill explained. “The apricots will start in the beginning to middle of May. Then our California peaches will begin in the middle of May.”

As for the quality of the cherries themselves, Bill had only glowing words.

As the grower gears up for its cherry, apricot, and peach seasons, PureFresh Sales is anticipating having enough volume to back up consumer demand

“We feel like it’s going to be a great season. We had some really good chill hours. So, they're going to wake up vibrant. Demand for California cherries is always phenomenal. Everybody wants good California stonefruit,” he remarked.

He isn’t wrong there! As cherries, apricots, and peaches prepare to take over retail, Bill noted that PureFresh has the volume to back up the demand—as well as the promotional assets. This is, in and of itself, an undeniable strategy that is sure to bring success at retail.

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