Rainier Fruit's New Wholesome Heroes Campaign Celebrates the Whole Health Package

Wed. November 22nd, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SELAH, WA – Rainier Fruit is celebrating those who talk the talk and walk the “Wholesome to the Core®” walk. The healthy and wholesome fruit growing company’s new campaign, Wholesome Heroes, applauds those who best align themselves with its focus on health, wellness, and active living by partnering with organizations and initiatives that establish healthier lifestyle habits. Some of the organizations that the company has partnered with are the Boston Marathon, the Portland Marathon, the Charleston Marathon, and the Twin Cities Marathon.

Mark Zirkle, President, Rainier Fruit“When we talk about 'Wholesome to the Core,' we’re talking about more than just our fruit,” said Mark Zirkle, President, in a recent press release. “The philosophy encompasses our sustainable growing practices, being of service to our employees, contributing to our community, and growing healthy fruit that is the fuel for positive actions.”

Wholesome Heroes

While the company has made its rounds with the running community, it is now opening new windows of opportunity to address those who embody the “Wholesome to the Core” philosophy, or community members who make health-conscious ripples within the social circles they are associated. The company is hoping to reward those who work hard every day, volunteer often, and shed light on health and wellness initiatives with a small recognition package.

Andy Tudor, Vice President of Business Development, Rainier Fruit“Rainier Fruit is not a food company, we are a lifestyle company. Healthy food fuels healthy living and we’re proud to not only grow some of the healthiest foods in the world, but help tell the stories of the people around the country that are making a difference,” said Andy Tudor, Vice President of Business Development.

Because of the campaign’s defining features for the company, it will be sharing Wholesome Heroes’ stories on a weekly basis to push healthier lifestyles and the Heroes’ hard work into the spotlight for others to hopefully emulate. Further, the company is celebrating employees within its own community, as well as trade partners throughout the industry, who go above and beyond in their projection of the Wholesome Heroes message.

Know someone you think embodies the epitome of a Wholesome Hero? Nominate them here!

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