Red Sun Farms' Jim DiMenna Discusses New Ohio Greenhouse, Future Locations, and Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine

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Wed. June 14th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

KINGSVILLE, ON - Greenhouse-grown cherry tomatoes on the vine are a resurgent category, and Red Sun Farms is making moves to continue providing its customers with excellent offerings and to expand the company's operations in North America.

We caught up with Jim DiMenna, President and CEO of Red Sun Farms to talk over the burgeoning category—and the burgeoning company. 

Jim DiMenna, President and CEO, Red Sun Farms“We’re happy to be presenting our cherry on the vine [tomatoes],” says Jim. “We’ve had great success with this product. A lot of the category, in the past, was disappearing, and now with our product and the success, the category is really developing and increasing in all the retail stores we’re supplying presently.”

Additionally, Jim pointed to the grand opening of the new greenhouse facility in Ohio as a recent achievement.

Red Sun Farms Tomatoes on the Vine

“It complements our Virginia farm. So, we have a farm in Virginia, one in Ohio, our Canadian operations, and we’re the largest greenhouse producer [in North America],” Jim adds, hinting that the company is eyeing new opportunities to expand its operations as well. “We’re looking at another opportunities that will be news, and exciting [in] the near future when we make that announcement.”

For more watch the brief video above, and stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for exciting produce announcements as they occur. 

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