Red Sun Farms President and CEO Jim DiMenna Discusses Strategy, Expanding Operations

Wed. December 20th, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

KINGSVILLE, ON – Red Sun Farms has been brightening up the winter season, with bright and burgeoning greenhouse-growing operations and plans for the new year.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with the company’s President and CEO Jim DiMenna to find out more about Red Sun’s plans for 2018 and the keys to the company’s continued success.

Jim DiMenna, President and CEO, Red Sun Farms“The success and the growth of Red Sun has always been about having our own acreage. We’re specific about how we grow,” Jim explains, noting that Red Sun’s high-tech approach and careful growing practices have allowed the company to introduce new products and varieties, while expanding its operations throughout North America.

Red Sun Farms protected agriculture facilities

With a robust development path charted and projects ongoing throughout North America, Jim notes, Red Sun is primed to meet its retail partners’ needs with a growing variety of protected ag products.

“We’re expanding our operations in Canada. In the United States, we’ve got some new acreage forecasted that we expect to announce in the next coming months.

Red Sun Farms tomatoes

In Mexico, we’ve got some expansion under construction presently, and that will be in production probably by the first part of 2018.”

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