Robinson Fresh® Organics Brand, Tomorrow’s® Organics, Commits to Organic Farmers with Sustainable Harvest International

Wed. March 9th, 2016 - by Christofer Oberst

MONTEREY, CA - Robinson Fresh is taking its next step in social responsibility in the organic produce industry.

Sustainability is an industry-must throughout the produce scene, and to help create a lasting impact, Sustainable Harvest International has officially teamed up with Robinson Fresh’s organic brand, Tomorrow’s Organics, for a three-year partnership in hopes of improving the longevity of family farms. Tomorrow’s Organics will help fund these efforts through an annual donation supported by carton sales of its organic produce.

“Tomorrow’s Organics’ alignment with Sustainable Harvest International is an essential mechanism to bring about positive economic change to these hard-working but impoverished families. It’s widely understood that healthy, thriving rainforests are imperative to keeping the air clean and healthy for every single one of us, around the globe,” said Hunter Winton, General Manager of Robinson Fresh, West Region. “Each purchase of Tomorrow’s Organics will help improve living and working conditions for those whose natural environments are compromised.”


Since 1997, Sustainable Harvest International has restored 15,000 acres to farmable land, increased its program members’ agricultural income by an average of 23%, and worked with over 2,500 farm families, according to a press release.

Renée Johnson, Executive Director, Sustainable Harvest International“While our organization is small, we are making a big impact in the lives of individual farmers and on the planet. We commend Robinson Fresh for stepping up in a way that most companies don’t – by using their profit for good on a global scale. We urge consumers to see the value of this charitable partnership and in turn, choose the Tomorrow’s Organics brand when given the opportunity,” said Renée Johnson, Executive Director of Sustainable Harvest International.

Ray Griffin, Director of Strategic Sourcing at Robinson Fresh, complimented Sustainable Harvest International on this honorable undertaking.

Ray Griffin, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Robinson Fresh“One of the most compelling aspects of Sustainable Harvest International is their commitment to increase these families’ standards of living through training and ultimately, self-reliance,” said Griffin. “Families are able to learn new skills and apply them daily on their own farm.”

We look forward to the advancements these companies may contribute to the industry over the next three years!

Robinson Fresh Sustainable Harvest International