Sage Fruit Company's Kaci Komstadius Discusses Southern Exposure Showcase

Thu. February 24th, 2022 - by Anne Allen

YAKIMA, WA - For me, the beginning of March heralds springtime. My anticipation for tree fruit, particularly cherries and apples, has me abuzz with excitement. The industry too can’t get enough of cherry programs, which is why those attending Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure will be happy to see Sage Fruit Company in attendance.

Kaci Komstadius, Consumer Marketing, Sage Fruit Company“We will be showcasing several different items,” Kaci Komstadius, Consumer Marketing for Sage Fruit, explained to me. “This includes our SageXpress tote bag program, 5 lb pouch bags, and top-seal cherry packaging. We will also start having early conversations with customers on cherries for the 2022 season.”

Across its conventional and organic programs, Sage Fruit is reporting consistent supply and quality to meet its partners’ needs.

Sage Fruit Company will be showcasing a host of packaging options to help retailers maximize the apple, pear, and cherry seasons, including a tote bag program, pouch bags, and top-seal cherry packaging

“Our outstanding customer service is the backbone of our organization. With market representatives across the country, our retail partners will have no trouble building a customized program that best suit their business,” she noted.

With excellent promotional opportunities still available for the remainder of the 2021 apple and pear crop, Sage Fruit is also in the planning stages for the 2022 cherry season.

Sage Fruit Company is reporting consistent supply and quality across both its conventional and organic programs and is looking to offer more sustainable packages for its customers

“We offer unique and flexible packaging options and as we look to the future, it is our goal to remain ahead of the curve in offering more sustainable packages to our customers,” Kaci continued.

Excitement for the show itself stems from it being one of the first opportunities for an in-person trade show after two years of social distancing. Reconnecting with partners and meeting with new is on the docket for Sage Fruit, so be sure to stop by booth #715 to see the team for yourself.

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