Shuman Farms Commits to Giving Back Through Its Program and Brand

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Thu. May 9th, 2019
- by Alexis Schreiber     

REIDSVILLE, GA - Shuman Farms has renewed its commitment to giving back through its Produce for Kids® program and its RealSweet® brand Vidalia® onion bags, supporting Feeding America as the 2019 Vidalia season begins.

John Shuman, President & CEO, Shuman Farms“Working with Feeding America over the past several years has allowed us to not only help children eat healthier, but it has also helped us provide support to those families who face hunger every day,” said John Shuman, President and CEO. “We recognize that hunger hits communities all over the United States and the impact on children is especially tough.”

According to the company’s press release, Shuman founded Produce for Kids in 2002, a cause-marketing organization dedicated to creating a healthier generation and giving back to families across the country. Produce for Kids has raised more than $6.7 million for families and children in need since the program’s inception.

Founded in 2002, Produce for Kids has raised more than $6.7 million for families and children

Children’s hospitals were originally supported by Produce for Kids, and the organization started a partnership with Feeding America in 2014.

In agreement with Feeding America, the reports show that “one in six children may not know where they will get their next meal, and more than 12 million kids in the US are facing hunger.” Through Produce for Kids’ in-store and digital campaigns, more than 10 million meals have been provided to those in need. The program was recognized as a Mission Partner of Feeding America in 2018.

With more than 50 produce and other health-conscious brands spreading the message of healthy eating through in-store signage, circular presence, social media, and digital support, Produce for Kids’ campaigns are executed in more than 3,000 stores in 33 states.

Produce for Kids has provided more than 10 million meals to children in need

In addition to its flagship in-store campaigns, Produce for Kids runs several digital campaigns throughout the year including its Mission for Nutrition program in March and Power Your Lunchbox in August. Produce for Kids will also be celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Healthy Family Project podcast in May.

“Produce for Kids has evolved over the years to become an industry-leading brand that engages with shoppers wherever they are in their path of purchase, both in stores and online,” Shuman explained. “Looking forward to 2019 and beyond, we will continue to evolve our programs to make sure we continue to bring relevant and engaging content to consumers, encouraging them to fill their market baskets with fresh produce while contributing to their communities in a positive way.”

Produce for Kids runs several digital campaigns throughout the year including its Mission for Nutrition program in March and Power Your Lunchbox in August

Shuman Farms has also promised to provide 50,000 additional meals to families in need through its Feeding America® brand Vidalia onion packaging starting in June, along with supporting its Produce for Kids program this Vidalia season. According to Feeding America, 22 million children who receive free or reduced lunch during the school year will struggle with hunger. This initiative was designed to help aid the cause.

“We know that summer break can be especially hard for children who struggle with hunger,” Shuman added. “It is our hope that our donation will help to support the wonderful programs Feeding America has to help these families.”

Shuman Farms plans to give 50,000 meals through its Feeding America brand Vidalia onion in June

By displaying in-store signage and utilizing the social media toolkit provided by Shuman Farms, retailers who sell the Feeding America RealSweet Vidalia bags can support the initiative and bring awareness to childhood hunger as well.

“This is sustainability at its best, supporting families in need who live and work in the communities where our products are sold,” Shuman continued. “We are blessed to be working with like minded people who want to make a difference as much as we do.”

Shuman Farms started shipping RealSweet® brand Vidalia® onions April 22 and throughout the summer months, plans to have good availability of quality Vidalia onions.

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