Shuman Farms Kicks-Off Vidalia® Onion Season, Brandon Parker Discusses

Wed. May 1st, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

REIDSVILLE, GA - Vidalia® onion season kicked off with a bang last month—with some of the sweetest onions around entering a hot marketplace.

I spoke with Brandon Parker, Director of Sales for Shuman Farms, on the show floor of Viva Fresh 2019, to learn more about the Vidalia season.

Brandon Parker, Director of Sales, Shuman Farms“We’re very excited to talk about the start of the Vidalia onion season that started on Monday April 22nd,” Brandon said. “The crop looks very nice…Despite some acreage reduction and lower yields, the quality is there. We’re very excited about that and think the consumer is going to be excited about that as well.”

Shuman Farms is primed for grilling season with its RealSweet® brand Vidalia offerings.

Despite acreage reductions and lower yields this year, the quality of the Vidalia Onions Shuman Farms has grown is high

“Demand, as normal, certainly picks up when springtime rolls around. It’s a great time of year for people to get out and start grilling,” Brandon explained. “The Vidalia onion is, of course, great for those events.”

To learn more about the Vidalia onion, Shuman Farms’ Real Sweet brand, and the company’s year-round sweet onion offerings, watch the short video above.

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