Side Delights® Offers Line of Gourmet Petites Potatoes For Consumers Seeking Foodservice Experience at Home; Kathleen Triou Discusses

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Thu. July 8th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - While many consumers tested their hands at becoming at-home chefs throughout the pandemic in lieu of eating out, value-added offerings will always remain a staple for those in search of delicious, convenient products that make cooking a breeze. To bolster the sector, Side Delights® is offering its Gourmet Petites potatoes to bring an elevated dining experience to shoppers’ homes, meeting demand for this rising trend.

Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Solutions Network“Increased family time, convenience, and cost-savings are some of the reasons that consumers have traditionally chosen to stay in and eat at home,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “But with new cooking skills and a renewed desire for decadence, consumers are looking for ways to bring the restaurant experience home.”

Although consumers are slowly making their way back to restaurants, the rediscovered benefits of cooking and dining at home during the pandemic have made their mark on shoppers.

Side Delights® is offering its Gourmet Petites potatoes to give consumers the taste of fine dining at home

According to a press release, a recent shopper survey showed that 92 percent of families plan to continue eating together at home at least more often than they do now.

“People are ready to get dressed up, set the table, and make a memorable meal,” Triou added. “Side Delights Gourmet Petites potatoes are the perfect way to create restaurant-worthy experiences at home. Host an elegant backyard BBQ with recipes like Orange Chicken Pineapple Potato Kebabs and Salmon Skewers with a Smoky Maple Glaze or a bougie brunch with Potato Prosciutto Waffles.”

As they sit down to enjoy their at-home meals, shoppers can taste Side Delights’ line of Gourmet Petites potatoes, which bear a striking resemblance to the flavors and texture of potatoes found in fine-dining restaurants.

Gourmet Petites come in several flavor options and are pre-washed and packaged in a variety of mesh and polybag sizes

The potatoes are available in Pure Gold, Purple, Fusion Fingerling, and Classic Medley to meet a multitude of taste preferences. They also come pre-washed and packaged in a variety of mesh and polybag sizes. In 2020, the Gourmet Petite bi-lingual fresh potato package won an American Design Award for its clean, elegant design that evokes the feeling of a high-brow eatery.

With shoppers planning more at-home meals, add Side Delights’ Gourmet Petites potatoes to your produce aisles to give them the chance to enjoy the finer things in life from their dining room tables.

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