Stemilt Growers' Brianna Shales Discusses Peak Season for Peaches and Nectarines

Wed. August 9th, 2017
- by Laura Hillen     

WENATCHEE, WA – For consumers looking to prolong that last bite of summer, peaches and nectarines offer the perfect option. As peak season approaches for these star stonefruit categories, Stemilt Growers is preparing for key promotion times of this year’s larger than normal fruit.

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, Stemilt Growers“Volume is just starting to ramp up for Stemilt on both peaches and nectarines,” Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, tells me. “As peak harvest time approaches, we expect great supplies for promotion as there is a spike in volume in the market.”

Peak season is expected to come into full swing in mid-August and last about a month. Brianna says that as suppliers prepare for peak season, now is the perfect time for retailers to do their own preparations, as well. Retailers can take advantage of stonefruit sales through both in-store and ad promotions.

Stemilt Nectarines

“Size seems to be the biggest difference this year,” Brianna says. “We’re seeing lots of jumbo-sized fruits to promote, with lots of opportunities for retailers to build their organic sales. The weather has been wonderful as well, making for a great season.”

Stemilt grows many classic varieties of yellow peaches and nectarines, which are 100 percent organic. The company’s peaches and nectarines have been certified organic for nearly a decade, since 2009. Stemilt remains committed to picking tree-ripe fruit, which means the company harvests from the same orchard blocks multiple times in order to capture fruit at their best flavor with deep and vibrant hues.

Stemilt Peaches

“The late deal on peaches and nectarines continues to gain interest every year, and our ability to supply volumes of certified organic fruits that are grown for flavor makes for a great program,” Brianna says. “Our Artisan Organic stonefruits offer a great point of differentiation, as well as that tree-ripened and dessert eating experience.”

What’s next for peaches and nectarines as consumers continue to scoop up stonefruit? AndNowUKnow will keep you in the know.

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