Strong Demand Marks Blueberry Transition; Cindy Jewell Talks Shop

Fri. September 27th, 2019
- by Jordan Okumura     

WATSONVILLE, CA - With the official launch of fall in the Northern Hemisphere comes the timely blueberry transition that we all know so well in the produce department. While the unseasonal heat here in California is pushing my hoodies back into the closet, I am bringing out the blueberry recipes that are sure to take form as we look towards the holidays.

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing for California Giant Berry Farms, joins me to talk about all things blue as the company reflects on the status of the season and what we can expect from the market as we move through autumn.

Cindy Jewell, Chair and VP of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms“Currently, we have consistent volume available for all berry types, but blueberry volume is definitely lighter than summer peak season, so the market is steady and demand is good for nice quality fruit,” Cindy shares with me. “Specific to blueberries, the market is good and we are seeing some transition in growing regions as the season officially shifted from summer to fall this week.”

The Northern Hemisphere’s official launch of fall marks the industry’s timely blueberry season

California Giant’s volume from the Pacific Northwest is winding down over the next few weeks as the operation finishes out that season and moves to its Mexico and South America regions that are just beginning to kick into gear.

“We currently have light volume coming in from Mexico and Argentina/Uruguay that will continue until Chile comes into full production for the winter,” Cindy says. “Typically, this is a time period when the blueberry volume for us is light so the pricing and demand are strong as the quality is excellent and consumers begin looking for fresh blueberries for their fall season recipes that help to warm up the kitchen!”

Pacific Northwest volume for California Giant is winding down as it ramps up in Mexico and South America

There is only one way to be “blue” this fall, and it is the sweet and delectable kind. Keep checking back with AndNowUKnow as we follow this blueberry transition and the demand of the holiday push.

California Giant Berry Farms