Sun Pacific's Howard Nager Discusses New Grape Varieties and Licenses, and iHeart Radio Campaign

Wed. November 22nd, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

PASADENA, CA – With Sun Pacific’s Mighties and Cuties having just come into season, a massive consumer marketing campaign in the works, and plenty of innovative grape developments coming down the pipeline, the future looks bright for the California-based produce provider.

Sun Pacific Air Chief grape display

I recently had the opportunity to interview Howard Nager, Vice President of Business Development, to learn more about the company’s rapidly-growing grape program.

Howard Nager, Vice President of Business Development, Sun Pacific“Our grape program has changed significantly over the past year. We’re having many new varieties of black, red, and green...we’re also licensing three proprietary varieties from Sun World,” Howard explains. Additionally, the company has launched a new grape brand, capitalizing on the same strategy that saw Mighties and Cuties become household names. “We also have the Sunnies brand—available in black, red, and green—that we will be looking to bring to the marketplace in 2018.”

In addition to new varieties and a new grape brand in the spirit of Sun Pacific’s popular Mighties and Cuties brands, the company is launching a forward-thinking consumer campaign—in conjunction with iHeart Radiofeaturing celebrities like Mario Lopez and Ryan Seacrest.

Sun World’s AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes, licensed by Sun Pacific

“Part of the media program involves outdoor and radio as well as promotions around the [iHeart Radio] Jingle Ball, which has some dynamic talent—Taylor Swift, Ariana Grand, Demi Lovato—terrific performers that will be in concert from a little after Thanksgiving to Christmas time,” notes Howard

Watch the entirety of my video interview on the floor of PMA Fresh Summit 2017 above.

Sun Pacific