SunFed's Gretchen Kreidler Talks New Organic Cucumber Pack, New MA/MH Overwrap, and Possible Growth in the Category

Mon. July 9th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

RIO RICO, AZ - Nearly upon us is this year’s Organic Produce Summit, and SunFed® has much in store for retailers looking to maximize freshness for their organic-loving consumers. The company is introducing a new modified atmosphere and modified humidity grab-and-go style bag for its Organic Persian Cucumbers, ensuring that they make it to the kitchen in the best condition possible.

Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director of Marketing & Business Development, SunFed“At SunFed our mission is to ensure we are getting the freshest produce into the consumers’ hands so they have a great eating experience, plus the resealable technology bag keeps the cucumbers fresh and tasty for several days,” Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director of Marketing and Business Development, tells me, “While the grocer is certainly our customer, we aim to make the consumer happy. We want them to have a pleasant experience and come back looking for SunFed Perfect Produce.”

The bag not only lengthens shelf-life and encourages maximum convenience by being ready to grab, but it also offers an extra layer of protection while in the store.

SunFed Perfect Organics mini cucumbers

“The modified atmosphere and modified humidity bag extends shelf-life of our Persian cucumbers, but it also reduces the amount of handling by people sorting through the cucumbers on the shelf that can cause extra bruising,” Gretchen shares.

She adds that SunFed packs its Organic American Slicing cucumbers and its Organic European Cucumber in a master MA/MH bag as well, and that these are just a few of the many things to check out when visiting booth #716.

“SunFed’s full line of Organic Hothouse Cucumbers are cut and sent to us within a day, so we are receiving and shipping true fresh-cut product,” Gretchen says, adding that the company is also expanding on its previous organic band that launched to ensure cashiers know to ring ‘organic’ at the register. “We continue to grow our new MA/MH overwrap for our organic cucumber, yellow squash, and zucchini under our Perfect Organic® label, which will be available at OPS. At SunFed we like to be fresh, but having fun is a priority too and this graphic really shows that in the form of The Perfect Organic Love Bus!”

The Perfect Organic Love Bus

In addition to the new wrap, wraparound labels, and year-round OG Cucumber line, SunFed offers core organic items in a “Perfect Fresh Pack”—cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini in a 16-count bulk box for retail to help the store turn through the case quicker and not carry extra inventory.

The Perfect Fresh Pack items are available at a fixed price instead of fluctuating with the market. And if that’s not enough to keep your head spinning, Gretchen tells me the company is already eyeing some fun offerings for OPS 2019.

“Currently we are looking at offering organic eggplant,” she tells me excitedly. “Eggplant being one of our core items, it just makes sense for us to add that to our organic line.”

With much in the works and growing its organic offering to meet rising demand in any and all categories, mark SunFed booth #716 as a strong stop on your floor plan for OPS.