SUNSET® Culinary Director Roger Mooking Talks Minzano® Pasta Kits

Mon. September 11th, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

KINGSVILLE, ON - One of my favorite things about fresh produce is taking a beautiful fruit or vegetable and transforming it into a new, even more delicious meal. And with the SUNSET® Minzano™ Pasta Kit, that feat is easier than ever. To find out more about the flavorful 15-minute pasta dinner kit for two, I tracked down the always-charismatic and recently named Culinary Director Roger Mooking, who gave us a quick demo of the innovative kit.

Roger Mooking, Culinary Director, SUNSET®“They’re featuring Minzano® tomatoes, which if you know anything about tomato sauce—making it from scratch—San Marzano tomatoes are coveted as some of the best tomatoes for that,” Roger tells me. “What we’ve done at SUNSET® is create a mini San Marzano tomato and branded it the Minzano® tomato.” 

SUNSET® Minzano® Pasta Kits

Ready to eat in just 15 minutes, the Minzano® Pasta Kit makes for an easy meal for everyone from on-the-go millennials, to busy families looking for a quick, satisfying, and nutritious meal. Roger says the kit will make a perfect full meal for two, and can even extend to a meal for four with the simple addition of a side salad.

Want to learn even more about the innovative offering, straight from Roger? Watch ANUK’s full interview above.