SUNSET® Produce Culinary Director Roger Mooking Discusses SHAZAM!™ Shishito Peppers

Tue. November 13th, 2018 - by Robert Schaulis

ORLANDO, FL - Hotness isn’t the only quality that consumers look for in a pepper. Sometimes just the right amount of kick can carry a dish, and a subtle spiciness is preferable to a full-fledged kick to the palate.

With that in mind, we chatted up Roger Mooking, Culinary Director of SUNSET® Produce, at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit 2018, to find out more about the company’s SHAZAM!™ Shishito Peppers.

Roger Mooking, Culinary Director, SUNSET®“These are incredible peppers,” Roger told me. “What's especially unique about them is one in ten of them will be spicy. But for the most part, they're a flavoring pepper. So think of a bell pepper with a slight citrusy-ness to it, and it's naturally intrinsic and robust with flavor. But the hottest pepper of the Shishito will be much less so than a jalapeño.”

With an easy to open, grab-and-go pouch bag, SUNSET’s latest retail pepper pack is sure to add vim to produce aisles and vigor to dishes in kitchens across the country.

One in ten of the Shazam!™ Shishito Peppers will be spicy

“They're also really good if you chop them up fresh and throw them in a salad. They're super on-trend right now, and you should have this in your kitchen whether you're a restaurant, or whether you're at home, or whether you want to become a better cook. They're really easy to cook [and] super tasty.”

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