Super Starr International Lauds Papayas as Retailers' Strategic Produce Aisle Offering

Mon. April 6th, 2020 - by Kayla Webb

COLIMA, MEXICO - Given the current state of the market, any time we get the green light from growers, packers, and shippers on steady supply, we take to the newswire running. Super Starr International was the latest from the supply-side to confirm that not only does it have a steady supply of papayas at the moment, but that the fruit can be a strategic produce aisle sale since shoppers are looking for fruit and veg options that are both healthy and unique.

Lance Peterson, President, Super Starr International“Our papaya program is year-round, which guarantees us consistent production throughout the year. We have a steady supply of fruit, and the papayas are eating wonderfully with great taste. Papayas are nutrient-rich and a great source of vitamin C, making it a key fruit to add to diets during this time,” said Lance Peterson, President and third-generation farmer. “We are very conscious of what is currently going on in the world, and we want everyone to be healthy and safe. We have meticulous food safety standards already in place and have been reinforcing them throughout the company. We’re committed to not only making sure our workers are safe and healthy, but that we are providing food that is safe for consumers as well."

With supplies being steady, Lance also noted that volumes and the papaya market as a whole are steady, too. And when I asked about weather, Lance only continued the trend of our conversation by confirming Mother Nature has been helpful in nurturing a higher fruit quality.

Super Starr International is lauding papayas as a strategic produce aisle offering since shoppers are looking for fruit and veg options that are both healthy and unique

“The weather has been good. The winter was rather mild, and with the current weather consisting of heat in the mid- to low 90s during the day and cooler nights, the temperature changes are helping us with our brix flavor, creating a sweeter, quality of fruit,” Lance said.

In addition to papayas, Super Starr is also at the tail-end of its honeydew season, which started in January and will be winding up in early April.

Super Starr International reports a steady volume and supply of high-quality papayas entering the market

“Since we are a grower and distributor working directly with customers, we have security as far as knowing what we’ll have to produce each season,” Lance concluded. “We also have some exciting news coming up in the next couple of months that we look forward to sharing soon.”

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