Syngenta Vegetable Seeds' Rebecca Wente-Naylor and Bernie Hamel Highlight Woodland Field Days 2021 in Exclusive Video

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Tue. August 31st, 2021 - by Chandler James

WOODLAND, CA - I will take any chance I get to visit the fields where our world's fresh produce is grown. A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly welcomed to one of Syngenta Vegetable Seeds' test fields and left with not only a belly full of melon but an inside look at the seed breeder's newest varieties.

Rebecca Wente-Naylor, Breeding Trial Specialist, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds "A lot of what we're doing with our watermelon breeding program is trying to improve on flesh color intensity, sugars, firmness, [and] rind thickness," Breeding Trial Specialist Rebecca Wente-Naylor told me. "We're trying to focus on our disease packages; one of the things that we're really focusing on is anthracnose and fusarium wilt race one in all of our varieties, and then we're also trying to improve by including fusarium wilt race two, as well as powdery mildew."

Rebecca highlighted several of Sygenta's different watermelon seed varieties, all of which exemplified the qualities mentioned above which are targeted to meet the demands of both growers and consumers.

A lot of what Syngenta Vegetable Seeds is doing with its watermelon breeding program is trying to improve on flesh color intensity, sugars, firmness, and rind thickness

One of the newest varieties introduced by Syngenta, Valor, is set to begin production in 2022. Not only is this variety known for its incredible eating qualities and distinguished exterior, but Syngenta has included a charitable give-back aspect into the program.

Bernie Hamel, Value-Added Chain Lead, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds“We are partnering with the National Watermelon Association (NWA) for the 2022 season," said Bernie Hamel, Value-Added Chain Lead. "Every plant purchased of the Valor variety through the Full Count Plant Program at Syngenta, a percentage of sales will be rebated back to the NWA for donations to the veterans associations that they have chosen.”

For more on Syngenta's exclusive watermelon varieties from Rebecca and Bernie, be sure to check out our video interview above.

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