Taylor Farms Pushes REC Solar Over 100 Mark for Ag Installations

Tue. September 20th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

SALINAS, CA – Taylor Farms is keeping its eyes to the future as the company utilizes leading technology and partnerships to further invest in renewable energy, and the growth of its company. Taylor Farms has most recently helped REC Solar surpass 100 installations for the agriculture sector with its latest installation at one of its facilities.

Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability, Taylor Farms“Taylor Farms is a leader in the agriculture industry, and now in sustainability, because we know it’s the right thing to do,” said Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability at Taylor Farms. “Not only are we taking care of the environment but we’re also providing ourselves with reliable and cost effective energy sources.” 

The installation to push REC Solar over the milestone mark was a 1 megawatt (MW) project at the Taylor Farms facility in Gonzales, California. As the company stated in a recent press release, this latest addition, combined with the energy generated from the company’s wind turbines, enables Taylor Farms to offset more than 25 percent of its energy consumption during peak periods. 

Previous to this installment, REC Solar had also completed solar projects for Taylor Farms in its Salinas, California, location and is working on additional projects for the company’s facilities in Tracy, California, and Dallas, Texas. 

Alan Russo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, REC Solar“Over the last 15 years, some of our most innovative solar solutions have been developed for members of the agriculture community. Farmers were some of the earliest adopters of solar because they quickly saw the business and environmental benefits,” said Alan Russo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at REC Solar. “We are proud of the work we are doing to help such a critically important industry thrive in California, Hawaii, and across the nation.” 

REC Solar’s installations in the agriculture sector now account for 45 MW of the total 200 MW that the company has installed. REC Solar has helped around 70 agricultural businesses within the past 19 years manage energy costs and improve the stability of their business with clean solar energy. The company has worked with growers, vineyards, nurseries, food and beverage processors, and cold storage facilities.

As Taylor Farms keeps pushing for innovation, both in its products and its energy use, AndNowUKnow will continue to update you with the latest in forward-thinking announcements.

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