Taylor Farms® Unveils Three-Part Renewable and Alternative Energy System at Gonzales Facility

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Thu. April 13th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

GONZALES, CA - Rain or shine, nothing keeps Taylor Farms® down when it comes to innovation and the strides the team will take to help lead the industry in sustainability. And here in California, we welcome the rain.

Today, the producer of value-added produce and healthy fresh foods in North America is unveiling its sustainability project at the company’s Gonzales, California facility. To commemorate the unveiling, Taylor Farms Gonzales is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to introduce this intricate energy eco-system and mark the continued growth of Taylor Farms’ leadership in sustainability.

Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability, Taylor FarmsThe facility will now utilize wind, solar, and cogeneration energy systems, making it the first advanced system of its kind in the agriculture industry,” Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability, Taylor Farms, shares.

With a celebratory mood in the air, Nicole, along with Bruce Taylor, Founder and CEO, are delivering welcome speeches and introducing the innovative technologies, alongside Mayor of Gonzales Maria Orozco, as well as representatives from REC Solar, Foundation Wind Power, and Concentric Power.

Taylor Farms' Gonzales Facility

And a feat of modern technology it is.

Generating 4.25 MW of energy on-site, which will be utilized to run the 192,000-sq.-ft. fresh vegetable processing plant, these combined systems are driving Taylor Farms sustainability initiatives forward. In addition, the facility has the potential to generate enough power to operate 100 percent of operations, but on average, the three systems will offset energy usage by more than 90 percent.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the progress Taylor Farms is making to expand our sustainability program,” Flewell adds. “The investment that has been put forth to elevate this program is proof of the shared commitment company-wide.”

Taylor Farms' Gonzales Facility

To touch on a few more of the major technology milestones, the wind turbine, installed in November, 2014, is a 1 MW GE wind turbine. This turbine has produced an annual energy offset of 16 percent since its installation. In addition, the 1 MW solar array, consisting of 3,578 panels, according to a press release, was installed in July, 2016 with an annual energy offset of 10 percent.

Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture“This is a fantastic achievement for not only Taylor Farms’ Gonzales manufacturing plant, but the industry as a whole," said Karen Ross, Secretary of California Department of Food and Agriculture. "The innovation, leadership, and dedication Taylor Farms is delivering to their community in regards to alternative energy should lead as an example for all.”

Installed this month, the natural-gas-powered cogeneration system, the latest addition to the Gonzales facility, is expected to produce an annual energy offset of 62 percent. With the use of natural gas and on-site energy production, this system is 21 percent cleaner than a utility grid, the company shares.

Bruce Taylor of Taylor Farms speaking at the opening of the facility.

And rain or shine, nothing will keep this AndNowUKnow writer from witnessing this event first-hand. Congratulations Taylor Farms on your pioneering efforts and achievements in the arena of sustainability and beyond!

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