Teri Gibson Details Peri & Sons Farms’ Onions All Year® Program

Wed. March 9th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

YERINGTON, NV - Having a great product is vital to making that sale, but having a robust and strong marketing partner is what drives programs to success. Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations for Peri & Sons Farms, realizes this need to bridge produce with the retailer—and the grower’s marketing program is one to keep an eye out for this season.

Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, Peri & Sons Farms“Our Onions All Year® program provides a seamless process for our customers,” Teri says. “We help remind them about the seasonal changes before they happen, so they can best maximize their space and product.”

Currently, Peri & Sons is in its Nevada storage crops, and its fresh crop from California will be kicking in soon. With the transition, the grower is providing education where needed to make the category boom as part of its OnionXpress California Seasonal promotion, which kicked off at the beginning of March. In doing so, the grower hopes to curtail food waste and excess labor and transportation costs.

“Spring onions look and store differently than fall onions. Fall/winter onions have hard, colorful, shiny skins that are visually appealing. Spring onions have flakier, mottled, and loose skins,” Teri explains to me. “We educate our customers, so they don’t mistake spring onions as poor quality when they are delivered, which could result in a rejection, unnecessary food waste, and added costs across the board.”

As spring onions look and store differently than fall/winter onions, Peri & Sons Farms provides a seamless process for retailers with its OnionXpress™ California Seasonal promotion as part of its Onions All Year® program

That educational experience extends to the shopper, as well. Many consumers, myself included, may wonder why onions on display aren’t as polished while they pass them by on the shelf. Retailers can let their shoppers know that the upcoming season’s onions are every bit as delicious as fall/winter onions, and they’re more field-fresh as they’re only stored for a short amount of time.

Just like last year, retail customers can expect some sweet onion swag to brighten up their day and produce aisles.

“As part of the promotion, we provide the California Season Handout, send out an e-blast to our retailers, and include a little merchandise for our customers,” Teri illustrates. “This year, we are changing from our signature Peri & Sons logo t-shirts to embroidered canvas logo caps. On the caps, we’re also introducing a new promotional logo for the program.”

This year, Peri & Sons is introducing a new promotional logo for the program, which is featured on gray and maroon brimmed canvas logo caps

Available in maroon and gray, the new brimmed caps are great to wear on the produce aisle floor to advertise onions year-round. That’s a win-win scenario if you ask me.

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