T&G Global Expands Envy™ Footprint to Meet Demand in China; Gareth Edgecombe Comments

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Thu. November 30th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

CHINA - November proved to be an important month for T&G Global and its premium Envy™ apple brand. As the supplier continues to invest in its dual-hemisphere multi-sourcing strategy, it announced that the first commercially produced Chinese Envy™ apple was sold in China this month.

Gareth Edgecombe, Chief Executive Officer, T&G Global“The Envy brand is used in conjunction with a premium branded apple with an exceptional taste, which many New Zealanders may not be familiar with. It was developed here in Aotearoa by harnessing Kiwi-IP and is on track to become a billion-dollar brand,” says Gareth Edgecombe, Chief Executive Officer of T&G Global.

The opportunity for Envy in China is significant, and growing a managed commercial volume in the country is an important aspect of T&G’s growth strategy, a release stated.

“To meet forecast consumer demand of 18 million tray carton equivalents by 2030, we need to maximize our multi-country sourcing strategy across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. That’s why we license the growing of Envy™ in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and in other countries, including now China. Doing this helps ensure the continual availability of this premium brand and that consumers and retailers have confidence in the legitimacy and quality of the fruit,” Edgecombe added. “Initially, we are working with Joy Wing Mao, who were granted a license in 2018 to grow and sell a managed commercial volume of Envy™ in China, and it’s these volumes, which will soon appear on-shelf in China.”

T&G Global has announced that the first commercially produced Chinese Envy™ apple was sold in China this month

T&G’s variety management subsidiary, VentureFruit®, leads and manages the licensing of all T&G’s plant varieties and brands, as well as leading action against any unauthorized plantings, propagation, counterfeiting, and trademark infringements.

“Growing the brand’s footprint requires us to ensure we have the right protections in place to vigorously protect and defend our IP for the benefit of breeders, growers, retailers, and T&G,” continued Edgecombe. “This is something we’ve always done and will continue to do through plant variety rights, patents, and trademarks, and with the support of leading intellectual property law firms both in New Zealand and offshore.”

To see how T&G continues to grow Envy’s presence in China and beyond, look for AndNowUKnow’s little green apple logo.

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