T&G Global Limited's Brock Nemecek Discusses the Jazz™, Envy™, and Pacific Rose™ Apple Brands and Marketing

Fri. December 1st, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

NEW ZEALAND – With branded apples increasingly growing category sales, it’s important to stay atop the shifting landscape of new varieties and value-added options and know what customers are looking for in an apple.

Jazz™ apples

With that in mind, I spoke with Brock Nemecek, Marketing Manager, North America for T&G Global Limited, to find out more about the company’s ongoing marketing efforts with its popular Jazz™, Envy™, and Pacific Rose™ apples.

Brock Nemecek, Marketing Manager, North America, T&G Global Limited

“Our approach to marketing is certainly brand first,” Brock notes. “We want consumers to always think of Envy, Jazz, and Pacific Rose—not necessarily at the time of year of the season.”

To that end, the company is working to close in on the goal of year-round supply. And T&G Global is building demand through segmentation, on-trend packaging, and unique brand messaging.

Envy™ apple recipe

“Each of the brands is very distinct and unique just like each of the apples is very distinct and unique,” Brock explains. “Our marketing plans have identified target audiences for each type of apple—for the flavor profile, for use and different kinds of applications. Because of that, each of them have a stand-alone brand, we promote each of them individually to a different segment.”

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