T&G Global's Sandi Boyden Talks Brand Refresh for Oppy Marketed JAZZ™ Apples

Fri. June 16th, 2017
- by Melissa De Leon     

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Get ready for a whole lot of delicious apples with a brand new look and feel, as June continues to bring New Zealand and Chilean apples to North American produce departments.

This year, Oppy and partner T&G Global have launched a complete brand refresh for their increasingly popular JAZZ™ Brand of apples. I spoke with T&G Global’s Marketing Manager for Pipfruit, Sandi Boyden, who was happy to fill me in on all the industry can expect with this new marketing undertaking.

Sandi Boyden, Marketing Manager - Pipfruit, T&G Global"JAZZ Apples is undertaking a big refresh. After 16 years, this apple has become an absolute global favorite" Sandi tells me as we talk about the exciting new move. "What consumers and customers will see is a whole new design–a whole new look and feel–across our PLU stickers, right the way through our packaging, on our point of sale material, and also across our digital platform and social."

 This fresh new crop of JAZZ™ Apples have a fresh new look.

Earlier this year, Oppy and T&G Global entered into a new phase in their longstanding relationship, telling ANUK in March that the two have an eye on optimizing exports and supply chain synergies beyond their portfolio of JAZZ, Pacific Rose, and Envy apples.

JAZZ™ Apple retail carton.

With this new refresh underway, what else can we expect from the duo going forward? Watch my full interview with Sandi above for more details, and stay tuned for more big news to come.

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