Tour de Fresh Raises Nearly Half-a-Million Dollars for Salad Bars

Thu. April 20th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura

WATSONVILLE, CA – The California Giant Foundation has announced that Tour de Fresh, its annual industry cycling event has met a major milestone in raising nearly half-a-million dollars since its inception in 2014. The event has been dedicated to supporting Salad Bars to Schools, and combined fundraising totals to-date has reached $435,000, placing 192 salad bars in schools across the country and providing tens of thousands of students the opportunity to choose fresh produce every day.

Cindy Jewell, VP of Marketing, California Giant“We’re excited for the opportunity to have another record-breaking year with the 2017 signature event,” said Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing for California Giant Berry Farms and The California Giant Foundation. “To say that our industry came together and raised more than half-a-million dollars for a cause that we wholeheartedly stand behind would be tremendously rewarding.”

This year’s goal is to privately-finance 50 salad bars in school districts registered through Salad Bars to Schools, which is possible by raising at least $156,000 by July. Each of this year’s 50+ riders has a personal goal to raise $3,500 which presents an opportunity for the industry to come together and support this rewarding cause.

Tour de Fresh, 2016

The opportunity to support Tour de Fresh is ripe since fundraising is still in the preliminary phase. By supporting  Tour de Fresh riders or the general California Giant Foundation fund, this year’s goal will be met to bring the total to over 240 salad bars in schools across the country collectively, which grants tens of thousands of students access to fresh fruits and vegetables each day.

“With a healthy start to fundraising for this year’s event, I know we can count on the support of colleagues in the industry to propel us past that goal and well over the half-a million dollar mark,” Jewell added.

Fundraising opportunities will be available for the next two months leading up to the signature event beginning July 25, with multiple ways for colleagues, family, and friends to support the cause. Even after the event, fundraising will continue until all the salad bars are funded.

Opportunities to donate and help riders reach their goals include:

  • Friends and Family – Ask personally and post on social media using this link:
  • Company incentives – offering raffles, prizes, team lunches, time off, etc. for those who donate.
  • Industry partnerships – asking for support from buyers, suppliers, etc.
  • Business partnerships – ask local businesses in your area to donate tax-free.

For more information about the Tour de Fresh, please visit the website or contact Beth Atkinson at [email protected].