Trinity Fruit Company's Jeri Elsasser Showcases New Juices

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Fri. August 18th, 2023 - by ANUK Staff

FRESNO, CA - Power, Immunity, or Focus? Take your pick! Trinity Fruit Company has been making industry waves with its flavorful and fruit-forward Squeezed Juice line, which introduced a collection of functional juices earlier this year.

Jeri Elsasser, Creative Director, Trinity Fruit Company“Today, we’re showcasing our Squeezed Juice line, which is our tree-to-bottle product—100 percent juice, not from concentrate, no water added, no additives,” shares Jeri Elsasser, Creative Director for Trinity Fruit. “We’ve got two sizes. We’ve got our 11 oz single-serve and multi-serve 32 oz juices. Earlier this year, we launched our new line of functional juices. So we’ve got Power, Immunity, and Focus, all of which have pomegranate juice as a base ingredient.”

These delicious, functional juices are produced using fruit grown by Trinity Fruit Company—a key differentiator in the fresh juice sector.

Trinity Fruit Company introduced a collection of functional juices earlier this year, including Power, Immunity, and Focus

“What makes squeezed juice different is we are the grower of the fruit,” Jeri explains. “It’s a quality product from the tree to the bottle. It’s HPP pasteurized, not from concentrate, 100 percent juice, and you can taste the quality when you try the juice. It’s unlike any juice you’ve ever had, and we’re really proud of what we have created.”

More details on this enticing lineup can be found in our exclusive video above!

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