Village Farms Corporate Chef Darren Brown Shares Some Tasty Tomato Ideas

Thu. June 11th, 2015
- by Jordan Okumura     

MONTREAL, QC - Darren Brown, Corporate Executive Chef at Village Farms, joined AndNowUKnow to share some of his favorite ways to cook and serve some of the company’s latest tomato products.

Roasting, as Darren tells us, helps bloom the flavors of tomatoes on the vine.

“Tomatoes like having that warmth, and it brings out the aromas,” said Darren. "Roasting them brings out the juices, and it’s a really nice way to handle them.”

For the San Marzano tomatoes, Darren likes to roast them aggressively and serve them whole or roast them all the way down and puree them for a homemade tomato paste.

Finally, Darren also discussed Village Farms’ True Rebel Mix, which offers consumers a medley of tomatoes, whether they’re serving a group or looking for a quick snack.

Village Farms' True Rebel Mix

For all that Darren had to say about these exciting products, as well as how he used them to showcase their flavor to consumers, check out the short video above.

In case you missed it, Darren Brown also discussed the company’s new exclusive varietals including the Cabernet Estate Reserve™, the Mini San Marzano™, and Cherry No. 9™ in a previous interview. You can see that interview by clicking here.

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