Vision Companies Announces Return of KISS Mangos

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Fri. August 26th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

LOS ANGELES, CA – As the demand for mangos continues to rise, the Vision Companies has announced that it’s bringing back a unique offering for fans of the fruit in the KISS mango

The KISS mango is a variety harvested from Brazil, and cultivated to offer consumers more diverse varietal options as their mango tastes broaden and expand as well.

The company stated in a recent press release that KISS mangos are known for having a uniquely eloganted oval shape, and a pronounced dark and almost burgundy blush. When the mangos are fully mature, the internal flesh boasts an apricot hue. 

Hailing from the Palmer family of mangos, the KISS mangos have low fiber and a superior flavor profile which encourages repeat purchases. 

The Vision Companies urge consumers to try the Palmer variety of mangos, and are offering the selection to retailers to flush out their fruit portfolios.

Interested in trying this European and South American delicacy? Contact the mango specialists at the Vision Companies at [email protected].

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