Windset Farms Director of Sales Jeff Madu Discusses New Top Seal Tomato Line

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Tue. June 21st, 2016
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

DELTA, B.C. - Always on the lookout for hot trends and innovations, it was great to catch up with Windset Farms’ Director of Sales, Jeff Madu, on one of the company’s latest launches: its new Top Seal tomato line.

Jeff Madu, Director of Sales, Windset Farms“We’ve had really good response to this–the branding, the look…” Jeff explains of the March, 2016, launch, available now for retailers. “Really, when it comes down to everything, it’s always about the flavor, and these are the most flavorful tomatoes we’ve ever produced.

The new Top Seal products include:

  • Tango®
  • Symphony®
  • Cameo®
  • Concerto®
  • Concerto Gold®

With cold seals implemented in the packaging, Jeff added that this new Top Seal is also resealable for the consumer’s convenience.

To see my entire interview with Jeff on the new five offerings of Windset’s Top Seal tomato line, watch the brief video above.

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